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Mission Statement
To work closely with employees, physicians, and ancillary service providers to provide a continuum of quality healthcare, cost effectively, for the people in the communities we serve.
Improve your quality of life with Central Palm Beach Surgery Center
Examination of symptoms using latest technologies
Our wide range of outpatient surgical services have been a positive force in the lives of thousands of patients. With the wide range of services we provide you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your needs, or the needs of a loved one.
Anesthesia Care
Evaluation and treatment of the full range surgery problems
At Central Palm Beach Surgery Center our team of Anesthesiologists will take the time to carefully evaluate your condition and medical history to make certain that outpatient surgery is not only safe but suitable for each individual. Your anesthesia provider will customize your care plan appropriately after meeting with you to discuss your needs and concerns on your day of surgery.
For The Community
Where we grow and improve together
The road to recovery can be difficult, but with the assistance of Central Palm Beach Surgery Center, Ltd., you are on the right path to recovery. We provide you and your loved ones with continuity of care through our dedicated staff members. As members of the Accredited Association for Ambulatory Health Care, our goal is to continuously improve health care within our community.
What To Expect?
Get the best quality for lowest rates
Following your procedure, you will be moved to our fully equipped recovery area. Our anesthesia and nursing staff will closely monitor you. The average length of stay varies, but most patients are discharged within one-to-two hours after your procedure. You will be provided with discharge instructions specific to your surgery. For your own safety and protection. you will not be allowed to drive a motor vehicle following your procedure. Please make arrangements for someone to escort you home from the center and stay with you for the first 24 hours after your procedure. Please limit the number of people accompanying you to respect patients’ privacy.

Physicians Currently Utilizing Our Facility

Charles matuszak
Dr. Charles J. Matuszak
Orthopedic Surgery Arthroscopic Surgery Sports Medicine
Gus Leotta
Dr. Gus Leotta
Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine
Jeffrey L. Kugler
Dr. Jeffrey L. Kugler
Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon, Sports Medicine
Ed Maldonado
Dr. Ed Maldonado
Jane Bistline
Dr. Jane Bistline
Anesthesiology and Pain Management

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Palm Beach Lakes Blvd #100, West Palm Beach, US, 33409
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Please Always Remember

1. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight.

2. Remove all jewelry and/or piercings.

3. Remove finger/toenail polish.

4. Bring your MRI and/or ex-ray.

5. Arrange for a 24 hour companion.

6. Arrange transportation.

7. Bring your insurance card and ID.

8. Discontinue blood thinners, vitamin E, aspirin, and/or any OTC medication containing aspirin as directed by your physician.

9. Call with any questions…